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20 years of experience in IT secondment


20 years of experience


What would happen if, for once, you implemented the ideas of young people? What if you could sincerely help clients and not just with the standard issues? These were the starting points when iSense was founded in 1998. Since that time, iSense has become one of the most successful ICT secondment agencies in the Netherlands; this is a close-knit club of professionals with a large national network.


The iSense team consists of young entrepreneurs


Investing in young entrepreneurs

The iSense team consists of 100 young, ambitious people who work daily to promote the success and happiness of organisations and ICT professionals. Everyone who works at iSense completes an intensive traineeship. The iSense DNA can be translated into five core values: entrepreneurship, ambition, team spirit, hyper energy, openness & honesty.

IT summits to share IT knowledge


Share The Energy!

We believe that our services do not begin or end just with the placement. For iSense, this means not only that our employees are expected to provide an excellent service, but they must also invest in matters that iSense considers important thereby sincerely contributing to the IT community. Renowned speakers share their knowledge during free 'Summits', which we organise about every month. Important topics within the ICT community are addressed purely to share knowledge with each other! We also publish the 'quarterly ICT job market report', which identifies the most important developments within the ICT job market.

young professionals with expert IT knowledge


The Navy Seal mentality

We're young, full of energy and ready to get started! Don't be fooled by our average age of 26. We're young professionals with expert knowledge. We won't stop until we place the top IT employee in the most challenging workplace. At iSense, we call this the Navy Seal mentality. Keep going until you reach your goal and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Are you a real entrepreneur who's not afraid to make mistakes? Then your courage will be rewarded with a parking space in front of the door!

Summits for the IT market


Know what you're talking about

We think it's important that you know what you're talking about. No need to explain to us that Java has nothing to do with JavaScript and .NET is not a programming language. The IT market is constantly changing, and we change along with it. We continue to develop and ensure, through events and IT training, that we're always aware of what's going on and what professionals and clients need.

IT on Tour for new ICT professionals


IT on Tour

After their studies, new ICT professionals can begin working for large or small companies in a position that perfectly suits their education or in one that is closely related. It's useful for every student to have an idea of the job market they will soon be a part of. During IT on Tour, we take students to leading organisations so that the students gain an idea of how things work in an organisation. They also gain insight into the diversity of positions in the IT sector: from Developer to Security Specialist.

Our motto: 'Promoting success and happiness of people and organisations by tackling challenges together'


Promoting Success and Happiness

Our motto is 'Promoting success and happiness of people and organisations by tackling challenges together'. We have the conviction to increase the success of organisations and the happiness of employees. Not only now, but also in the future.

Five-time 'ICT secondment agency of the year'


Proud: Five-time 'ICT secondment agency of the year'

iSense won the Computable Award 'ICT secondment service of the Year' in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016: five consecutive years! We're extremely proud of this achievement!

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