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We know what generates energy: inspiration! Inspiration is what leads to your sudden eagerness to start working on a new idea. You directly want to try it out, see if it works and develop it even further. At iSense, we know where you get that inspiration from: talking to pioneers who understand exactly what you're doing and who surprise you with their ideas.

Every placement involves customisation and we stand for quality. Whether it concerns permanent jobs or temporary assignments; we offer 'the best match'. We're energised by the perfect coupling of the best professionals with the most ambitious organisations.

Share the energy!

Let us inspire you during our knowledge events. In partnership with the IT community, we strive for technical and personal development alike. That's why we regularly organise IT events for you and your colleagues.

Specialist in IT job placement

We're as fascinated by ICT as you are. That's why we specialise in finding employment for IT professionals only. No need to explain to us that Java has nothing to do with JavaScript and .NET is not a programming language. iSense employees regularly undergo training to refresh their IT knowledge. This is how we ensure that you always come into contact with someone who speaks the same language: we understand what you do!

We strive for Success and Happiness

Our motto is 'Success and Happiness for people and organisations'. You can find these not only at work, but sometimes also in work-related matters. That's why blowing off steam with colleagues and peers is equally important. We go out together regularly. We'll do something fun with you and your iSense colleagues, catch up, network and above all have a good time! You're also welcome to attend the iSense Summer BBQ every year!

Extensive course offering

Is iSense helping you find a new job or a temporary assignment? Then you can access the iSense Learning Center: our very own training platform with hundreds of IT courses. We give everyone the opportunity to further their personal and professional development.

Field Coaches

The best match consists of a match 'on paper' and a 'personal match'. What will please both parties? That is the most vital question for us. During your new job, we'll stay in touch: iSense will offer you various professional development opportunities. In addition, you can regularly discuss your future plans with our Field Coach who will help you grow and develop yourself during your career at iSense.

Six-time ‘ICT secondment agency of the year'

iSense won the Computable Award 'ICT secondment agency of the year' in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018: five consecutive years. We're extremely proud of this achievement!

Choose from over 300 IT jobs

We always have a wide range of IT assignments and vacancies for permanent positions on offer. On average, we have 300 job openings for developers, administrators, security specialists, data analysts etc. View all available jobs for you here.

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